Lots of people have been impressed by Facebook’s new design, but surely nobody could have foreseen this fantastic hidden feature – Future messaging!





    (comment to be posted tomorrow pls)

  2. Hey Oli, I havent been by for a long while! Gosh! I’m mighty impressed by your chinese. keep it up dude!

  3. Lol how nice…
    a really nice feature

    anyway are you interested how something like might have happend?
    I will tell you my guess either way

    when saving your comment they will save the time
    but they probably think “if we save our server time than it doesnt bring you anything”
    and as the server is probably somewhere in america there could easily come 12 hours to it
    so far everything is fine, so your comment gets saved with your time, but now when you read your comment and they dont know that they saved your time they think they still have the server time so for you they again make it into your time so again they put 12 hours on top of it

    it is either only that or another thing comes on top
    because now to write “today” “tomorrow” “yesterday” they will have to compare the time with the time now and it could easily be that in that case they compare your time with their american time right now, so another 12 hours get on top of again
    which makes 36 hours in total
    12 hours would be normal
    so you have in total 24 hours too much and what a coincidence 24 hours is one day, so you commented tomorrow instead of today :D

  4. future messaging… further eroding conversation’s position as a daily necessity…

    Great blog, btw– first time I checked it out.


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