1. lol in this financial crisis everybody needs the cheapest way to advertise/sell their product to somebody
    the same happend with a friend of mine some days ago
    I suddenly got an email stating that i should visit that one site and that they have super good and cheap stuff…
    the only thing suspicious was that there were around 100 people in the cc…. so yeah i asked him what it was about and he didnt know
    another case was somebody who i fairly ever chat with that somebody suddenly sent me a message in english even though we are both german saying that i should check out the images from the party last night
    when i visited the link my antvirus programm gave me a really big ALERT and i left the site immediatly

  2. What are you talking about Ols?! You’re amazing at keeping in touch with your daily emails!

    Oh…sorry….when you say ‘friends back in England’ you mean …. ..ohhhh I see!

  3. 我也有收到那个Berry的广告。。。

  4. wtf why do i see the same commenters! Oli u must be SUCH a great friend to attract friends of others :P

  5. @chriso: do you have anybody special in mind???….

  6. Haha I don’t mind – these guys are cool! :D

  7. YAAAAYYYYY!!!!!
    oli said i am cool :)

    (even if that might seem a little sarcastic it isnt meant that way
    those are my honest feelings…. lol that sounds weird)

  8. I always laugh at my friends who are stupid enough to get their accounts hacked..

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  9. Seems like that has been happening lately, I just spam them… >:D altho I cant do that to friends…
    wonder what could be done….

  10. aiko: I sometimes try to reply to the messages (on MSN) but then they log out! So sneaky…

  11. You know, you don’t necessarily need to “hack” someone’s e-mail account to send mail with them as the sender. The protocols involved in e-mail never ever verify the sender address, so the sender can specify anything as their own address. This is why you shouldn’t trust the sender address your e-mail client shows you, even if it seems to be from a friend.

    • That is true, but you probably do have to hack their account to know who their friends are in the first place (and their email addresses).

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