Something smells funny..

vat the hell?

But smell was too small…and I’m not sure if I could eat a vat on my own.


  1. Vat’s a vat box?

  2. I wanna help you to eat the VAT!

  3. Is the VAT box so big you can eat no more than 17% of it?

  4. Vat is that?

  5. lol i dont want my popcorn to smell…
    and a vat is really exagerated
    you dont wanna feed the whole cinema do you

  6. i would like to comment on this article.

  7. Rudy the cowmagnet says:

    This one made me laugh so hard I fell out of my chair in science class lol

  8. I guess just the popcorn box could be called smell box haha~~

  9. Thanks for sharing and introducing me this

  10. thanks for this section, i learn new things

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