So I saw this sign in the local Burger King…


Burger King April Fool's joke

It says “Come to BK and buy a drink, and you can get a Whopper for just 1rmb (£0.10p, 0.5rm, €0.10c, $0.14c)”.

上面写着’来汉堡王买任意中饮料,加一元(£0.10p, 0.5rm, €0.10c, $0.14c)得皇堡’.

BUT THEY CAN’T FOOL ME! Check out the date:


1st April 2009!


April Fool’s Day! Or wait, is it April Fools’ Day? Either way…surely this can’t be true! Because I have no pride to lose, I will go, check it out and report back…

4月愚人节!哦,等一下,是愚弄人的日子吗? 都一样…这一定不是真的!


  1. it could be true, just tht particular day..
    tht said, why chose 1st april…something fishy.

  2. lol yeah that is actually a pretty good april fools day joke
    would be too great if it were true

  3. Well was it a joke???????????????/

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  5. It’s true!!><…

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