In People’s Square subway station there is a small ‘market’. The sign next to it promises a lot…


everything you need, nothing you don't

…one of the shops sells sponge bread buns…they have a special smell and texture that makes them feel very realistic – but they are actually fake! Rubber bread buns!


yummy fake bread

“Everything you need…nothing you don’t?” I beg to differ….

‘都是你需要的…没有你不要的?’ 我有异议…



  2. That’s soooooo cool! i want one lol

  3. Yeah, I’ve seen these “buns” everywhere. A few years ago there was a scandal in New Zealand or the UK about fragile squishy Chinese toys having toxic liquid inside. Their solution (it seems): Let’s make it look like something edible! Riiiiight….

    • That doesn’t make me feel too good, because I bit into the first one I was given because I (seriously) thought it was real. Oh gawd…

  4. HAH! Those are rip offs! They’ve been selling those things over here for ages. And the original brand is..I forgot. Its french. hee. Someone gave me one of those. In chocolate flavour. With this face –> ^_^
    Awesomee smell and texture.

    My niece tore its eyes out though. And my dog ate some of it. -_- its not edible. :D

    Whats with me and smiley!! :O

  5. There’s a present shop in the corner near that I’ll go into and take a look everytime I’m wandering around. Still, I’m easy getting lost underground.

  6. The rubber bread buns are so cute!!! Can bite it when hungry? LOL

    I miss People’s Square. Didnt spend much time in Shanghai when I was there…

  7. I totally want one. Is there another place not in shanghai but in the united states that I can get them? They r so cute!!!

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