I can’t work out whether this funny licence plate, spotted in Shanghai, China, is the most or least sought-after in existence…



  1. Lolerpwnd!

  2. JEREMY GATTI says:


  3. i’m chinese .i don’t think this number mean something and i think i have some grammare mistakes in this sentence…苏 represent a city named Suzhou in Jiangsu province.

  4. u look like a douche bag!

  5. It’s lucky that in center, no student receive their elite card tabbed N0008~~

  6. Oli why did ur last comment’s avatar change into something that didn’t look like you? I was kidding ok!!! I <3 u u can not has noob!

  7. hi oil .can you spell chinese? 牛 haha .My Enlish level is poor ,so i cannot understand the meaning.i m confused ,would you analyse it for me by chinese? 3 Q

  8. I must be slow ’cause I just don’t get it. (OK, I am a little slow sometimes. It’s a “Southern” thing! LOL)

  9. F8kin’ noob. I want to bid for that license plate and stick it in front of my boss’s office.

  10. I will be showing this to my buddy in Oregon who, is in fact, a real life noob.


  11. anonymiss says:

    Oh… I read it as “F- NOOOOOO”

    as in “F**k noooo!” *yells*

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