It’s simple. Leave a caption, win a prize (if your caption is the best). In English or Chinese OR ANY LANGUAGE IN THE WORLD! Go….

很简单.留下文字说明,赢得奖品(如果你的文字说明是最棒的). 用英语或中文或者其他任何世界上的语言! 开始…..!!!



  1. wtf happened here. awesome update!

    (i’m purposely not entering ur caption contest. i should be an instant winner anyway)

  2. Chinese dude in black shirt: WAHAHA, you just drank my piss!!
    Gcobani: WTF!?
    Chinese dude in pink shirt: LOL Zhang Feng, you crazy bastard…

  3. After 3 and a half minutes, the black shirt dude finally lost the “I can hold my breath longer than you” contest…

  4. People can take Gcobani with a grain of salt. But not Blackshirt – one day, he just snapped. That was the last time we saw Gcobani.

  5. Wasabi contest: the one who ate more was the winner. Loser would be kissed by the one in pink…

  6. multicoloured top man: stfu noob i just realised i’m wearing two different shoes, wtf.

  7. The scream till you’re sick final was a close run thing.

  8. Pink shirt – “That’s the best silent but violent I have ever done ” (Hence the smug face)

  9. Couldn’t resist an opportunity to chance my arm on a caption competition…xxx

  10. Black guy (doing some beatboxing) says to the Chinese guy: “I really this vice will stretch it out and then you can be the same size as me”.

  11. anonymiss says:

    Guy yelling: “F’ NOOO! I ordered the ‘Sesame paste with rape’… I didn’t know they meant it for reals!”

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