With the financial crisis beginning to bite in China, some firms have begun to take a revolutionary approach to finance – keeping it real. This bank has renamed itself to try to appeal to westerners who want more honesty in a broker…


Chinese dough shop

Apologies for the picture quality (snapped out of the window of a speeding taxi!)…


PS, dough = 是一个有趣的俚语, 意思是钱, 所以 ‘dough shop’ = (字面意思) ‘钱商店’.


  1. latest alternative marketing methods!

  2. snapped out of the window of a speeding taxi! <– Not bad wor the picha.. what camera are you using?

  3. you think too much eh, it’s only a dough shop…bread dough that is, see the chinese words 包子..hehe.

  4. There is a B and W on it trademark, so…it’s highly possible that Bank of the West renamed itself to explore in our mkt…

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