At the moment, I’m web depressed. Youtube is still blocked in China, and I have produced, filmed and edited a film of two monkeys fighting…and I can’t share it using my favourite video site. Check out a ‘still’ from the epic here:








  1. First hate comment ever.

  2. dude are you sure youtube’s still blocked? cuz last time when i was there – about 1 month ago I could get onto the site. so, looking fwd to your picture!! lol

    • Yep just checked (1.40am 30th April) :( So depressing! I don’t think I’ve ever been a part of something as important as this movie project… :P

      • hmm thats weird..perhaps they blocked it again? they used to ban wikipedia aswell.. but last time i got SO excited that i could watch youtubes in shanghai and so even tried visiting youporn :DDDDD

  3. mate- It’s a million times quicker than youtube anyway.

    • Yeah I thought about Tudou or Youku…but I have bad memories of accessing it from outside China (speed and reliability). But I’m desperate to put it up…arghhhh!!!

  4. Youku needs more love in this thread.

  5. i didn’t watch it, but frankly it’s prob on par with most you tube has to offer. can you get the onion news network there, they are making some funny stuff these days and i’m on a boat is still 2009’s greatest video. it’s a sad day when your net is so restricted you’re making your own content about monkeys and escalators.

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