A lot of my friends have started playing Happy Farm on Facebook and want to know some tips, strategy, cheats or tactics for the game. Here is a guide for Happy Farm on Facebook which will teach you some tips on improving your crops, getting more experience and beating your friends and becoming a Happy Farmer!

happy farm facebook guide strategy cheats tips

Tip 1) Grow, grow, grow
You need plants growing 24/7 in order to beat your friends at Happy Farm on Facebook. Always buy the most expensive vegetables and plant them as soon as possible!


Tip 2) Get a free dog on Happy Farmer
To beat your friends you definitely need a dog to guard your plants and vegetables on Happy Farm on Facebook. The good news – they’re free! Just invite 5 friends who install the game. This is pretty easy because you can just ask your friends to accept the invite and click through the intro, and then they can forget about it.


Tip 3) Get free fertiliser on Happy Farmer
Plants on Happy Farmer grow faster when you give them fertilizer – you can get it free by inviting your friends to play with you on Facebook. A good cheat is to get your friends to sign up but then they don’t need to play – you get the free fertilizer. You can do this up to 5 bags per day!

happy farm facebook hints tips strategy guide cheats

Tip 4) Help your friends on Happy Farmer
This may sound stupid, but actually helping your friends on Happy Farmer is a tactic that can help you. If you browse your friends’ gardens and kill their worms and also their weeds, YOU get experience – this means you level up faster! Spray, spray, spray!

I can’t write the cheat here on my site, but there is one more Happy Farm cheat <---- Click here to read it!

I will add more to this post when time allows, but right now there are just a few of the best tactics, cheats, tips and guides for Happy Farmer on Facebook. Enjoy your Happy Farm guide!


  1. farmville is much bigger n MUCH more popular on facebook….will be glad to get more info n cheats for that one…=]

  2. i hear happy farm very funny,i want to play game

  3. I found that having a dog is not very helpful as many of my friends still could steal my harvests. As I always couldn’t collect the harvests on time, most likely 40% of them would be stolen. So, even I planted the most expensive vegetables, I finally couldn’t gain much…… :(

    Recently, I bought a happy farm calculator (from http://hfcalc.zeecontrols.net/hfcalculator/home). I find it’s quite helpful as I can check which seed’s harvest times are more suitable to my own daily schedule before planting the seed. Also, it shows which lands will have harvests matured today. Now I usually can collect my harvests on time. :)

  4. Sorry, just found the above URL is wrong, it should be http://hfcalc.zeecontrols.net/hfcalculator/

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  6. how can you put weeds on another persons land?

  7. Hi Oli, is there anyway to add multiple neighbors at a time? I have a list of friends who already have happy farm but add one by one is really the pain in the a** plus the internet connection here sucks so it takes me several minutes to invite one person.

    i heard the old version you dont have to add your neighbors right? any help?


  8. FB smilly is very intresting during chat, Its exiting.

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