Free animated smilies for Facebook chat!

Move over Pacman, there is a new ‘coolest smiley’ on Facebook – the Facebook shark emoticon! For weeks we have been waiting for new emoticons for Facebook chat, and now the first of many has arrived – the shark!

The shark smiley is cool in many ways, firstly because it really LOOKS like a shark (even when it is not turned into an emoticon) and second it reminds me of the jaws movies from the 1980’s. Epic.

So how do you do a shark emoticon in Facebook chat? Here is is, the shark emoticon. Enjoy!

new facebook shark emoticon
Facebook shark emoticon – type (^^^)

Click here for more

>>Facebook chat emoticons<<

Click here for

Facebook status symbols and characters (heart, star, music note etc)

Enjoy the facebook shark emoticon, and if you find any more Facebook chat emoticons then let us know in the comments!



  2. MIss Bang.. says:

    please can u post the link to the “>>Facebook status symbols and characters (heart, star, music note etc)<<” as i cannot access it.. :-(

  3. MIss Bang.. says:

    yeah, thanks Oli..! <3

  4. U R SIMPLY AWESOME !!! ♥♥♥

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  6. :|] = robot
    <(") = penguin

  7. Thankx B)

  8. ehehehehehehehe love it smile

  9. fatima faith says:

    (putnam) <3

  10. Jaws was from the ’70s

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