Here’s a short guide to doing bold and underline in Facebook chat. It’s pretty simple, but can add some good emphasis to your conversations. They haven’t added different fonts in Facebook chat yet, but they probably will soon. The formatting in FB is similar to Google Talk’s bold and underline system.

Free animated smilies for Facebook chat!

Bold in Facebook chat

*Surround your text in stars*

Underline in Facebook chat

_Surround your text in underscore_(Shift+Minus sign)

Magic! You now have bold Facebook chat and underline Facebook chat text!


  1. Very useful, and fun to annoy people by bolding one word and underling the next in a sentence. Very amusing, do it to your bf/gf!

  2. wow. that was reallyyy helpful. thank you so much.

  3. is there any way to do italics, perhaps?

  4. Does this also work on the status updates?

  5. suite

  6. thx this is kwl

  7. is there an italics one?

  8. can you do both?

  9. yes *_bold and underline_*

  10. it was cool and helpful….

  11. ilovehim^^ says:

    soo kewl ! tenkx so0o0o0 much ! :*:*

  12. Doesn’t work anymore!!

  13. its not working!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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