I really hate it when I can’t remember a website address. Ever since websites became a ‘must-have’ for companies, all of the easy to remember website addresses have disappeared, just to be replaced with weird letter combinations and buzz-words.


Take the other day for example…I was walking down the street when I saw a website address that I wanted to remember…but now when I try, I can only remember the end of it…can anyone help me out?



Thanks in advance!



  1. Ah, i think we’re just missing the “w”

  2. It’s either the one that I use as my homepage, or putting it together with than hanzi…XiLuAnker.com?

  3. Haha yes maybe….or OilTanker.com? WaftyCranker.com?

  4. Could be wanker.com. :)

  5. Banker.com obviously!

  6. The partially exposed logo on the left gives it away:


  7. yeah its coldwellbanker. my grandmother works there

  8. Jesus, grandmother working at a bank, I feel so old right now

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