Ok so I went out for lunch today to Hooters Shanghai (well it *is* Friday, after all)…but by the time I arrived there I could hardly breathe! There was WTF terrible air quality…I mean like I felt like being sick on the lovely waitress. Luckily, I wasn’t. ANYWAY….


So afterwards I went home, and just as I was walking into my compound (I’m so military) it started raining. I don’t mean normal rain, I mean SSR (Shanghai Summer Rain). SSR drops are HUGE, and glow yellow because of the pollution (j/k (kinda)).


Thus began the most crazy storm I’d ever seen! Rain, hail, thunder, lightning! I rushed to grab my camera to document it!



Erm…ok so I found that it’s more difficult to document a lightning storm than first expected. LIGHTNING STRIKES QUICKLY! MY FINGER MOVES SLOWLY! After 10 minutes (and when my arms hurt from holding the camera trying to guess when the lightning would strike) I just said 没办法 (screw it) and opened a beer.


But I still have this:




  1. haha~ lightning or your heart rate

  2. anonymiss says:

    I love storm photos… that lighting is beautiful… if you have a manual time setting on your camera, a good idea is to set the iso as low as possible, set the aperture as narrow as you can (to let in hardly any light) and set the time for a few seconds exposure. you’ll get awesome night shots and lightning shots that way.

    Not that you need it!

  3. anonymiss says:

    oh, and use a tripod ;)

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