So recently I had lunch with a very good student of mine (although there’s only so much you can teach an American before the words start bouncing back)…


When we’d finished lunch I was feeling a little tipsy, so I decided to sneak into the grounds (translation: walk into) of Fudan University and take some photos with my new camera :D


Fudan University in Shanghai has a lot of picturesque areas, but I decided to focus on the big ass building on Handan Road, since it is one of the ‘icons’ of Fudan. I couldn’t take too many pictures because it was a baking hot day, and the beer in my belly soon made me want to go home and take a nap, but anyway…here are the photos of Fudan University buildings and grounds:


fudan university shanghai photos

Picture of the twin towers of Fudan University through the trees…


fudan university photo

AAArrhrhh can’t see anything! The sun’s in my eyes!


shanghai fudan university picture

Looking up at the twin towers of Fudan University…


fudan towers shanghai photo pictures

From a distance…a view of Fudan University towers (with the flowers at the bottom!)


fudan university photos

Flowers, flowers, flowers at the bottom of the buildings…


fudan university pictures

Since I found out my Mum reads my blog, I feel like I need to put more photos of flowers in it. Appeal to a wider audience ‘n stuff.



On my way to the taxi, I found this road just inside the Fudan University gate. Nice, huh?



…and the other way…



Finally, for everyone else balllllllin’ China style (this is the basketball court where I killed both of my toenails 4 months ago by wearing running shoes to dunk. Yeah I said running shoes. Yeah I said dunk. I still got mad ups (for a white boy). Witness.



  1. Favorite post BY FAR

  2. The best photos of flowers I’ve ever seen on this blog, your mum will be very proud.

  3. nice shots of the building.

    did u stop and steal the flowers?..some are missing. lol.

  4. looks like 50 hoops lined next to each other! were you trying to dunk on hoop #34 from court 1?

  5. familiar places, i recommend you xianghuitang and the backyard of a shooting range.

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