So on our way to eat at a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant, we came across this advertisement for a male escort service in Shanghai. As I’ve recently been thinking of starting such a business (with me as the CEO and only employee), I was interested in finding out more about them….



…but I’m really not sure about their pricing structure. How are they going to make a profit?



  1. do you think i’ll do well here?

  2. good luck! lots of desperate housewives in waiting…

  3. YOu will be successful!

  4. Oooooh!!! I want a male escort! Do you think they have tall guys like that gigantic basketball player?

  5. Wrong Chinese translation for escort service…
    In each case, you would be sucessful in the business. It is not all about the look afterall. ;-)

  6. hey guys i also wanna be a male escort………………

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