I’ve taken a lot of photos in Shanghai. To be honest, I’ve probably taken more pictures in Shanghai than in the rest of the world, combined. As I sat in bed this morning I got that annoying ‘your computer is running out of disk space’ message, which forced me to make a drastic decision – it’s time to move the pictures to a new home (translation: buy an external hard disk).


I then started clicking through the photos on my computer, and it struck me – I’ve been in Shanghai for more than a year. This is a pretty big thing for me, because now I’m no longer ‘new’ here. I can’t say ‘a few months’, ‘half a year’ or ‘not that long’ when people ask me ‘how long have you been in China?’ (which happens most days).


Anyway, before I transfer all of them pictures off the computer, I want to put some on here to serve as a warning to (about?!) foreigners in China. Enjoy a year in Shanghai (in photos):

不管怎样,在我把这些照片从电脑里转出前,我还是想放一些在这里,就当给在中国的老外一个提醒(不知道关于哪方面?!) 在上海的一年很享受(在照片中):

Shanghai photo squatting

boston and Eunice in Shanghai

Drunk in Jing'an at 5am

I did exercise once...


Shanghai pictures agro Fin

Hangzhou chilling...

Photo in Beijing

t square photos

beijing statue photo

shanghai KTV photo

Yao Ming

yummy food

djod basketball shirt!

Woooo Shanghai photo

Cow photo Shanghai

Shanghai food photo

Shanghai party pictures

Thai Gallery Shanghai

Beijing photo


  1. I’m watching Bronson and figuring out, big guys can be very “violent”. Luckily you are just “vio” – Vaseline in office :)

  2. Part 2 part 2….

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