If you haven’t seen Part 1 of my ‘Year in Shanghai in photos’ then why don’t you have a look by clicking here -> A year in Shanghai in photos. If you have, bravo! Here is part 2 of this piece which will SURELY give me some sort of literary (or at the very least photographical) award:

如果你还没看过我的’在沪一年图片集(上篇)’,那不如你先在这里点来看看-> 在沪一年图片集. 如果你看过,耶!这个下篇里的作品一定能让我获得一些文学奖之类的(或者一点点摄影方面的):


Oytun is lost

Sunrise or sunset?

Training Day

Pool is Lyfe


Get your HAND out of my FACE

Icey chill

Eunice has FAT lips (in a good way)


CJ7's abuse

White snake watch out

No photoshop = no wrinkles

He's protecting us from YOU

I wouldn't mess with them

Be afraid


Xmas noobs

Big head wtf!


  1. Keep seeing a beautiful girl in alot of the pictures…

  2. That’s Ringo, innit? The best day of “A Year in Shanghai,” I reckon.

  3. Oh, you got a sister? i see some resemblance there…

  4. anonymiss says:

    I have no idea how I stumbled upon your blog.

    But it has been been an amusing read!

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