Since 9pm last night, access to a number of Google products, including Gmail has been disrupted in China.

There are conflicting reports as to why, by whom and for how long. Techcrunch was fast to report the situation (see their Twitter sceencap for a little suprise!) -> Censorship 2.0: China Blocks Google Search, Apps, Gmail, And More and Danwei offered a fast response (some might say too fast?), then a just as fast retraction (some might say too just as fast?) and then a just as fast as fast half-un-retraction – AND GOOGLE’S BACK – OR NOT – previously entitled ‘ blocked in China’.

People (mostly on Twitter) offered some solutions to circumventing the blocks, including:

Yauba – anonymous access to Google – – web proxy that supports flash –

What this means for me right now is that I don’t have access to Gmail (temporarily), so if anyone needs to contact me for whatever reason (hot pixxx) then you can send to

djod at djod dot co dot uk

, or direct message me on Twitter or Facebook.

Otherwise, let’s hope this is resolved soon…before I lose any more sleep!


  1. how did you survive that whole hour with search/mail? surely by the time you’d written the post it was back up. mountain? mole hill?

    • It was down for 24hrs for me, in my house and office. Believe me, it was the longest 24hrs of my life. Also, since (for some reason) I’m not on the Chinese government’s mailing list, I wasn’t sure that it would be back so soon!

      I still miss big G’s brothers, Youtube and Blogspot…

  2. miss the blogspot so much
    sneakme makes my label cloud back to a “cloud” of long list…upset

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