The college entrance exam is a massive moment in every Chinese student’s life. Take A-Levels, SATs and the International Baccalaureate and then heat them in a witch’s cauldron and you have the most high-pressure moment in the 18 short years that they have been on Earth.

大学入学考对于每个中国学生的一生都有着重大的意义. 把甲级考试学术能力评估考试和国际学士学位丢进巫婆的大溶缸,然后就有了十八年前所未有的高压生活。


Walking near Hongkou Football Stadium the other day, I saw a guy who SURELY was on his way to the exam…



…he was even wearing the uniform!


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  1. Could it be that this is the official shirt of the teacher’s PET.

    Or maybe he’s just trying to get the monkey off his back..

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