My Christmas was ruined due to the mystery of the disappearing umbrella. Ibby, my flatmate, managed to buy me EXACTLY what I wanted – a high quality umbrella with a kick-ass traditional Chinese devilish mask on it. So on the first day of rain, I went to grab it…and it was gone.


I searched all over the house, but to no avail…someone (or some evil spirit) had removed it from the house…and it was never to be seen again. I’ve nearly dealt with the pain now (nearly 7 months later), but in dealing with the pain I forgot about a truly EPIC gift that Oytun received from Vivian…and now I think I’m ready to share it with the world.


BOOBY trap!

Don’t touch it! It might be a booby trap! (sorry)



  1. Video plz – I have to see that in motion – it looks like a minute bucking bronco …. Falco

    • Don’t worry my man, I’m collecting all of this amazing technology in a trash bag the size of The Great Khali’s sleeping bag and shipping it all back to NW3 (one day)!

  2. hhahahaha awesome!!

  3. Excellent Post. obrigado

  4. Coming up with the pun is good enough but you managed to come up with one in chinese (大波陷阱) too! Impressive! :D

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