Ok, there…I said it. After spending the best part of the last 2 months watching the NBA playoffs, it feels weird not having Kobe, Lebron, Dwight, Sir Charles and even Reggie Miller available every evening for my entertainment pleasure.

没错…这是我说的。在过去的2个月看了NBA总决赛最棒的部分以后,在每个晚上的休闲时间看不到Kobe, Lebron, Dwight, Sir Charles甚至是Reggie Miller,都会觉得很不习惯。

China’s affection for Kobe is deep – they don’t seem to have developed the hatred of ‘great’ players yet (see: Cristiano Ronaldo) just because they’re good. The day after the NBA Finals were over, I saw that the posters at the Hongkou Football Stadium basketball courts had been re-done. Pretty cool:

中国对于Kobe的喜欢更加强烈-他们貌似还没有对其他讨人厌的‘最佳’运动员产生兴趣(比如:Cristiano Ronaldo),因为他们很好。在NBA决赛结束的第2天,我看到虹口足球场篮球场的海报重新做过了。相当的酷:



It says: Always determined (Determination never gives up)

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