People’s Square subway station is gigantic. It has three lines running through it (1,2 and 8) and I think there are more to come soon…(Expo anyone?)…With tens of thousands of people walking through it every day, there is huge commercial potential inside and beside this travel hub.


Above Line 2 there is a market – the type that sells loads of useless pap that foreigners travellers like to spend their hard-earned RMB on (sunglasses, watches, hats etc). Large advertising posters are dotted throughout the small mall, including this one of a dancing beauty advertising a radio station:


people's square music poster

It’s a really cool poster – surrounding the hottie are the names of lots of different genres of music. Dance, country, kraut rock…


kraut rock

Wait, what? KRAUT ROCK? WTF is that?! I looked closer, and found some intriguing styles which, in my closed-off and conservative life, I may have overlooked:


cow punk









And finally, my favourite…the soundtrack of the North of England…


madchester clubjazz


  1. I once went on a date with a girl who told me she was into metalcore or something of the like, I had to ask what it was, I’ve never felt so much like my dad in my whole life..

  2. man, how i looove that manchester music! stone roses, hello? <3

  3. *madchester. lol!

  4. anonymiss says:

    I had a friend that said they listened to “ambo”… and I thought they meant they like the sound of sirens.

    Apparently they meant “ambient metal” and if you listen to it, it kind of does remind you of wailing sirens. XD

  5. Madchester is right though- Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, err Northside.

    I’ve heard of Slowcore (My bloody valentine) Krautrock (Neu!) and Queercore (err, dunno, but I’ve read stuff about it). The others though- no idea.

  6. I spoke to a guy once who said he was really into the noise that a forest made- not the actual movement of the trees, but the noise of the forest floor.

    This was in a nightclub that was probably playing Blur’s “Parklife” followed by a bit of Sleeper. It’s not like the guy was even stoned either, just odd.

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