After uncovering the Shanghai Male Escort Service, I was even more shocked to find that a new brothel has recently opened right next to Hongkou Football stadium in Shanghai. I would never have known, but the shameless owner decided to give out namecards on the street!

在暴光上海男陪服务以后,最近我更惊讶地发现了一个开在虹口足球场附近的新的妓院。 我并不想知道的,但是无耻的业主在街上到处发名片!


I decided to check the info, and sure enough…the title of the filthy establishment was right there for all to see!



I couldn’t decipher the menu, but I think the majority of it just talked about ‘fruity’ and ‘juicy’ girls…disgusting…




  1. ok, so i was cyber-forced to comment.
    *cough *cough
    well, errrr, would you just stop criticizing those ARTY menus no matter they’re filthy or decent…

  2. not as sexy as the blurry bar-photo on top of this webpage. beer in star war or sth…

  3. I want to know what it is that costs 15 kuai when everything else is like 4 or 5 kuai, must be absolute filth!

  4. Ok, my colleague just translated for me, it says “Egg Tart – Big Pack (6 of them)”, sicker than I could have ever imagined…

  5. i think i didn’t get it….isn’t it really just a menu to tea and juices? @-@ or was i totally lost in translation…..


  7. some kind of jokes?

  8. it’s just a juice shop menu, why do you cheat those who don’t understand chinese?

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