What is wrong with this scene?



Got it yet?




Still looking?




Don’t cheat…think about it!




Ok, I will tell you…






Ah yes, of course, cultural barrier #6817681 – Chinese people think being pastey as a milk bottle is some sort of status symbol (and you people asked me why I chose to come here?!).


But that’s not all…not only is she under and umbrella, she’s also UNDER THE BUS SHELTER!


I have learned to live with the folly of trying to stay pale…but c’mon…if the sun’s strong enough to go through three inches of steel, it’s sure as hell strong enough to go through your 10rmb parasol…



…or is it?



  1. Dude, chill. You’re allowed to get angry when a woman pokes you her fucking umbrella into the eyeball.
    Seriously though, it’s annoying, but there’s way more annoying things. Such as spitters. Or aggressive drivers. Or watch bag dvd ren. Or people who think foreigners are all ultra rich, let’s multiply whatever price by 10, or more. Or taxi drivers, they are just plain evil, as long as you are outside the car. Or government employees. Or annoying xiaojies. I can go on and on and on and on and on…

    • Oh don’t worry, the #1 doesn’t mean it’s the most important – I got gripes for days! I think you’ve got a pretty idea of the rest of the list though… :D

  2. ESOL.. oli you know what i mean

  3. This topic could go on for years. The umbrella women don’t even try to keep from poking people in the head with their blasted skin protectors. Complaint #2 is they never say sorry or excuse me.

  4. It looks like a dead nice umbrella though, is it embroidered with flowers round the rim?
    To be fair, if it was my umbrella I’d be showing it off too, I’d never put it down.

  5. I hear ya guys. The umbrellas are obnoxious and uneccessary. I care more about my eyes than preserving the pasty white pi fu tradition, lol. I mean, some girls look ok with really pale skin, but the vast majority are doing themselves a big disservice by running from the rays. Hooray to the first person that successfully markets tanning salons in Asia. Almost more illogical than the umbrella-pokers though are the button-pokers in the elevators. As if this wasn’t already obvious to elevator riders, pushing the button only makes the doors close .07 seconds sooner.

    Maybe next on the list would be the guy that’s crowding into you, breathing down your neck when you’re standing in line at a store. Still no fire, no need to panic. We’ll all get served. Pai dui and chill out.

  6. If you had tried to ask any of those women, she would have told you that she like being pasty because she thinks it is pretty, not that it is a symbol of statue – It is just silly projection that you think otherwise.

    But I got it anyway. By showing us that you hate those 傻瓜, you have proved you are superior, both intelligently and morally.

    • I have had the pleasure of discussing this burning issue with a couple of ‘those women’ and from this extremely objective and wide-ranging research I’ve concluded that the consensus seems to be that dark skin makes you look like a 农民. Thanks for the compliments, by the way!

  7. 哈哈哈,So funny,I like your blog. I guess that’s a lazy woman.

  8. Also annoying is the stream of cars trying to make righthand turns while I’m in the crosswalk. Maybe I’m spoiled but I don’t think crossing the street has to be such a free-for-all.

  9. 因为她一直撑着伞,戴着太阳眼镜,感觉不到阳光存在与否,不过你可以善意的提醒她:)

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