After arriving in Shanghai more than a year ago, I was quite frightened by the cash-machines. I remember one evening, while walking in the French Concession we stumbled upon a small, local bank. I stuck my card in quickly (we’d been searching for what seemed like hours for a place to get some beer-vouchers), keyed in the amount I need (2,000,0000,000,0,0,0,0,00000rmb) and collected my money…


…wait…wtf…erm…no PIN?!


In China, anything is possible!


Nowadays, however, most of the banks now are pretty standard – although I’ve noticed that every bank’s UI (User Interface) is different. I really don’t understand why banks across the world haven’t worked together to build the ‘perfect’ UI – the ‘Nokia 3210’ of Bank UIs – and put them as standard in every machine in the globe.


Not only would it make sense, it would stop certain banks from trying to make their screens look like the ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ quiz machine, like this one:



Unfortunately, the software development didn’t stretch as far as a proof-reader. It doesn’t really inspire a huge amount of trust in the safety of your money…



…maybe they still have time to phone a friend?



  1. no big deal, yuo’ll gte ues ot it!

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