When my sister and I used to go on holiday in France, we’d sometimes pass the time by finding funny ‘Frenglish’ t-shirts. They’re the ones which, although they might make some sort of grammatical sense, they just sound weird or funny. Our everlasting favourite was:


“If it breaks, I will ride it”


I believe it was a surfing t-shirt (waves breaking, etc), but it conjured so many more images than simply hitting the beach. My latest WTF moment was in the subway the other day:



This one’s for you Sis, any interpretation?



  1. The chinese translation for ‘if it breaks, i will ride it’ sounds awfully …. perfect!

    Anything that is perfect is not funny lor.

  2. Mate, this is hard to break.

    Six stars? Maybe it’s the EU?
    Three crowns? Something royal – since you mentioned France. Could be fleur-de-lis?

    So my guess:
    Your sis is married to a French guy and together they have an Anglo-French baby (as in “hybridise new culture”)

    Ha ha ha…. I know it’s silly! Just for fun!
    So did I get it right? I did Psychology 101! Ha ha ha…

    • Hahahah yes an early version of the EU…maybe it’s an early version of the constitution? Your Psychology degree is obviously not going to waste! :D

  3. If it breaks, I will ride it.
    It sounds like sth about Chinese kongfu.
    If you train more, your body will be so light that you can ride on waves.

  4. That sounds like 100x better than their intention I think!

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