I’m not sure this was actually in my work contract, but somehow, someway…


Enjoy the fabulous WJC Allstars singing ON AN ISLAND in the middle of a swimming pool in the middle of a country club in the middle of Minhang District in the middle of Shanghai in the middle of China.

请尽情享受WJC Allstars在中国的中心上海的中心的闵行的中心的俱乐部的中心的游泳池的中心的岛上唱歌.

Download the WJC Allstars – Xi Shua Shua video!

下载WJC Allstars – 洗刷刷视频!

Click here -> WJC Allstars-Xi Shua Shua (.wmv / 15.8mb / 320×240) – [downloadcounter(WJCAllstars-XiShuaShua)] downloads so far!

点击这里 -> WJC Allstars-洗刷刷 (.wmv / 15.8mb / 320×240) – 现在下在了 [downloadcounter(WJCAllstars-XiShuaShua)] 个!


  1. interesting….!

  2. 鹤立鸡群啊.哈哈.

  3. You’r outstanding!

  4. Would you like to sing this song again in WJC center for us?

  5. haha. btw: who is that sexy tall guy in the video? he is sooooo hot.

  6. this performance gave me swine flu.

  7. It’s awesome!
    High man, you are really high!
    That’s unbelivable I can still recognize Will and Jake…

  8. Oh…………my god….

  9. hahaha!! :D

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