With the scandal of the tainted milk powder still fresh in the minds of many Chinese people, I was shocked to see this sign in the window of the Dunkin’ Donuts shop on Fuzhou Lu yesterday.


Could it really be that Dunkin’ Donuts has begun using one very ‘old fashioned’ ingredient?!



The green one definitely looks like it’s tainted!


(DDT = 爆燃过渡到爆炸)


  1. Ha ha… And the brown one looks like it’s soiled!
    And the cream one…

    OK, I’ll leave that to you.

    Over to you, roger.

  2. YO~~!!

    That green one maybe is a plastic toy as the bonus when you buy the DDT!! haha…

  3. Maybe the green one is tasty. Try it!

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  5. hahaha,so fun,oli,you are an amazing genius in this aspect,I had to admit^.^ so imaginative,like a child.Dunkin’ Donuts’ T shirt—–DDT,a good interpretation.Do you know—–you’re gonna make the shopkeeper angry to faint,haha,

  6. no,just I said before there is a child living in your heart,haha~~~finding sth interesting or changing sth into fun easily,with eyes to discover pleasant funny or “ironic” things

  7. Stuff! I often lose my appetite has been too expensive. Hey, I study these changes, the love of the cup-shaped cake, or other radioactive.

    (special thanks to Google Translate for garbling my comment. English to Japanese to Chinese to German to English again… it’s like the telephone game, but for adults! So fun!)

  8. Yes, you’re a super-linguist. Your schemata is through the roof!

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