Ladies and Gentleman, you’ve been waiting for a long time, so here it is – how to insert the brand new Facebook chat penguin emoticon into your Facebook chats! Ever since the Facebook shark emoticon was made available to the public, users have been going crazy guessing which animal or face that FB would provide for its loyal fans – well the wait is over! The designers have clearly been locked away in a special room for months, and they finally decided on…a penguin!

Free animated smilies for Facebook chat!
Why a penguin?

This is a tough question, as generally Facebook is not noted for the high frequency of penguins (or other animals to be honest), however this one could make good sense. The weather has begun to turn cold for the winter, and the Facebook penguin smiley could be just what you need to send your friends some emotion over the holiday season!

Anyway, I know that you are ready and prepared for it now, so here it is…

Facebook penguin emoticon


So cute, right? I can’t wait to use the penguin and the shark together…maybe make them fight each other to the death…or maybe just torment my friends by continually posting the new Facebook emoticon and making them beg me to tell them where I found it…well it’s just our little secret, ok?

You can, of course, find this emoticon on our Facebook emoticons page here on, as well as every other smiley that is available online. The question is, can you wait to use it?! Enjoy the new Facebook penguin emoticon!


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  2. So cute So cute So cute

  3. WoooooW :) i love it;)

  4. i know that’s so awesome try 3:)
    These r so cool i wanna know more. please put more cool ones.
    oh, yea (^^^)
    and :|]
    those are cool 2

  5. they need to make a peace sign!

  6. (^^^) is a sharky!!!! :|] is a robot!!!!

  7. I think there should be a panda. Or an octopus. Or something else random and awesome. It should also come soon.

  8. wooowww… i like it !!

  9. Haha epic ^^

  10. capital o:) is a smililin angel

  11. a panda would be nice

  12. here is a penguin on facebook <(") its pritty awsome

  13. haha this makes a human face :putnam:

  14. they should make a snake and a things to do with sports like a hockey stick should be like _/ and theyu should make a basket ball and a football and a golf club could be o/ and stuff like tht

  15. i keep failing epicly at the whole penguin thing!! :(

  16. its really not workin!?!?

  17. Should make an elephant ()’|'()

  18. how do u do a line down

  19. i cant do the elephant

  20. Sedalbenin says:

    see nunber 13… then it works =)

  21. O:) = Angle

    3:) = Happy Devil

    8) = Cool Glasses

  22. How do you get the penguin and shark to work on facebook?? I’ve tried lots of times but no luck? Thanks

  23. <(") – wow…………………………
    very nice……………………………………..

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