When a new colleague joins a company, either you love them or hate them. If you watch ‘Lie to Me’ (and you should), you will know that you can pass on a lot of body language subconsciously – but what is even worse is if someone makes an OBVIOUS EFFORT to piss you off. It’s cold-blooded.


That has happened with my new colleague. Usually, when some tadpole joins an office, they will make an effort to stay out of trouble, keep a low profile and generally be nice. Well this guy is just the opposite. You see, in our office there are only around 10 desks – but there are 12 staff. This means that sometimes people have to share desks, and generally be flexible.


Not me, though. I hate it when people sit in my seat, as it is MY OWN GLORIOUS MESS. If anyone does sit in my seat, I invariably lose half of my papers and notes and have to redo them. Terrible.


So anyway, back to the story. On his first day, not only did my new colleague hop into my seat, AND steal my nametag….

无管怎样,我们回到这个故事,我抓到了这个扒手! 在他上班的第一天!他竟然坐在我的位子上,还偷我的名牌…



…but he also stole the shirt off my back! I’m pond-ering my revenge!



  1. Sorry, from the photos, I can see it’s you sitting on the chair.
    Geez, look at your face, you must be drunk over night.

  2. How could a prince transform into a frog?
    Anyway,being a frog is much better.

  3. Beat him up! He toadally deserves it

  4. Give him some color to see see.^^

  5. no three no four, old three old four, you say to him: you go no go?you no go,i go~~~haha

  6. well, it reminds me of my seat when i was there…it was exactly my seat before someone invaded, colonized, and took it in the end. terrible. that pirate was seen wandering in the area of British Isles and Gibraltar…he now works in SH as an amateur pirate. God bless.

  7. oh…..you mean the cupcake on MY seat…

  8. good.
    serve him right!!

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