I rewatched Speed the other day with a group of students. What a classic film! Keanu Reeves…about to break onto the world stage…Sandra Bullock…well…she was enjoying her 5 minutes of fame before she disappeared into B-movie obscurity (yes The Net, I’m talking about you!).


The next day we were driving near Huaihai Lu when I saw this bus. I’m not sure what it was, but I really wouldn’t feel comfortable taking it….


911 bus Shanghai China

Shanghai bus 911

…it wasn’t going very fast, but then…maybe it hadn’t reached 50mph yet!



  1. Looks like it’s got air conditioning, though. That’s always a good sign.

  2. hi oli! I am curious, isn’t bus known as Ba Si in china (sorry dont know how to activate chinese text on my vista)

  3. i couldn’t ever figure out why there often a snowflake before the numbers on the buses?

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