I absolutely love our local fake DVD shop. THere are two floors of movies, music dvds, cds and tv series. The people who work in there are always funny and relaxed and they’ll be honest with you if the quality of the disc is not exactly ‘100%’.


I went in last week and spent a bit of time in one of my favourite sections – Classic Movies.


nicolas cage shanghai

I haven’t seen ‘Weather Man’, but I’m sure it’s a real classic (because everything Nicolas Cage touches turns to gold). Part drama, part action film…and part philosophy?

我没看过‘天气预报员’,但是我相信这是个经典的片子(因为Nicolas Cage能点石成金)。一点情节,一点动作的片子…还有一点哲学?

nicolas cage shanghai

I couldn’t have said it butter myself, Nick.
我已经说得够清纯了, Nick.


  1. were u outside cantina on sunday noon?

  2. A bootleg DVD cover with 100% accurote spelling is hard to come by.

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  4. 去影院吧,打算着两天去看2012

  5. The odds that there will be misspelled words on a pirated Chinese dvd are pretty high, for any language. But the odds that they’d misspell only that word: ???? You tell me! The irony blows my mind!

    It’s almost like an unseen comedic force is working through these people, filling in for their lacking sense of humor maybe.

  6. 我也很喜欢凯奇的

  7. 山野村夫 says:


  8. 每个在中国的老外似乎都很喜欢盗版DVD,另外还有就是“盗版”服装。。。

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