I hate spam as much as anyone, but come on man…give me a break!



Is that pi?!?!



  1. That’s a lizard and a candlestick.

  2. 哈哈哈!

    这是 两个 T,但另外一个没有了头

  3. It’s a Rorschach test, I typed “cut-up prostitute” into the little box.

  4. the second word is kind of easy though, which means that on average it’s not that difficult

  5. I think this actually pi!呵呵,你的博客真有趣

  6. so funny…I already increased your link ~

  7. 不知Oli在上海哪所大学教书呀??

  8. 我现在最讨厌的就是这样的验证码,貌似国外比较流行这个,基本上我输十次才能成功

  9. what is it? i do not know

  10. 我没感觉,不过经常要刷新好几次

  11. 我还是喜欢中文很多论坛上的4个数字的验证码

  12. 晕,要是验证码用到“pai”那真是无敌了…

  13. 看见这样的验证码,真的让人头痛。

  14. 哇~~ 老外,中文不错哦,哈哈~~

  15. I hate captcha’s. Seriously annoying. I fully understand why they’re needed and place them in sites I build as well. But I really think the IT industry should adopt a new practice.

    Hang the fucking spammers!

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