The last couple of weeks have been a bit of an eye-opener for me. A new colleague arrived in my office, and it’s made me cast my mind back to the first few weeks of my time here in China.


I was super-excited when I arrived in Shanghai 20 months ago – so excited that I totally ignored nearly all of the faults which, to newcomers, are often obvious.


The air-quality was atrocious (it’s ok, just hold your breath!), the weather was uncomfortable (that’s what aircon’s for!) and the hygiene of some places, like restaurants, leave a lot to be desired (but McDonald’s in Shanghai is so cheap!).


The one thing that was undeniable, however, was the friendliness and welcome of the people. Everywhere I went, I met people who were more than happy to show me around, give me info and generally help me out – which is why I’m so suprised whenever I see people who are clearly NOT friendly – like this girl:



What sort of welcome is that for a lonely fresh-off-the-plane expat? I was considering having a word with her and trying to let her know that it’s not polite to be so abrupt with people…until I saw the front…



…now that’s more like it! Welcome to Shanghai!



  1. Unless DON’T means don’t talk to me and STOP means stop following me.

  2. i am agree with Clark~

  3. Don’t Stop…太淫荡了

  4. Hi, Oli. I traced your blog via your comment on yeka’s post( What you wrote is really interesting.
    B.T.W. your Chinese is awesome!

  5. 我打中文你应该看的懂吧。
    Don’t Stop是“不要停”啊,她想干什么。

  6. 哈哈,你还真有趣~很高兴认识你.

  7. 呵呵 好可爱。。。。

  8. 其实衣服很好看…

  9. 寓意深刻。。。 哈哈


  10. 很不错的博客,还是双语的,风格很棒,继续保持哈,交个朋友!

  11. 很可爱的文字,无论是英文还是中文,呵呵。


  12. 很高心认识你,链接已经加上,你把我的链接给加上吧!
    连接词:php爱好者or php学习

  13. 很幽默的文字,很高兴认识你!

  14. 感谢Oli的细心,博客也用两种语言!这件衣服上的文字有点冷幽默!

  15. i think 90% of your commentees are morons, reminiscing about what a t-shirt means, charlie murphy…

    anyway, come visit me first week of febraury 2010. i’m off to japan after and will see in in HK for fiona’s :D

    • I think 100% of your comments are tear stained and I WANT THAT TO CHANGE! i want to visit you but i think our RDV is going to be in HK due to my lack of time off…but I will try. In the meantime why don’t you do some writing for me?! $1 per 20 mins of typing IN WOW MONEY YOU’D BE A MILLIONAIRE WTF

  16. What did that girl think of you, shooting her front and back, in the first few minutes of her arrival?

  17. 雙語對照的形式,真是我所喜歡的(我自己也有時候這樣做),不過,發現你找了好多類型的網路上的朋友啊,不知道怎麼交流的過來呢

  18. 呵呵 Oli你的blog里面总是有很多有趣的事情啊

  19. Hi, your double language blog is absolutely awesome and always funny, my enjoyable stay here, haha.

  20. “stop, don’t”



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