I have Google adverts on a lot of the pages on my website. These ads are very clever, because they ‘scan’ the page that they’re on to see what sort of content it is about, and then put adverts up there accordingly. Theoretically, if I talk about buying turkey in Shanghai in an article, then if there’s a company who advertises with Google selling turkeys in town….the ad will be there.


One small problem, however, is if Google doesn’t know what you’re talking about on a page (or if nobody wants to advertise on a page which talks about McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy looking like Iran’s leader). In this case, they will either put a solid colour (no ads) or PSAs (Public Service Ads). These ads are generally pretty plain and served on behalf of charities and other community groups – and usually are nothing to do with what is on the page.


Sometimes though, even a PSA can be relevant…



Google really knows how to fix EVERY problem in the world!



  1. ADsense非常智能化。

  2. Google是比较强大的!!

  3. Why is it that I don’t see many words on this site and in the mails I get fromthis site? I see some weird kinda characters…!!!! Kindly help…!!!!

  4. 真的无所不能! This is how I see them…!!!!

  5. 啊哈,我是看到了 http://www.chong4.com/class/funny/672.html 这个网站的推荐才过来的,your blog is awesome :-)

  6. 这个,我认为你blog里广告太多了,看上去有点乱啊

  7. 开你的博客很慢,用笔记本看字体很小

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