It seems like Google is getting ready for its new Chrome OS operating system, and changes are happening quickly! They recently announced that it was opening the doors to its ‘Developers Area’ for Google Chrome Extensions (addons and plugins for its browser), and today I noticed another message at the bottom of the screen:



Bookmark sync within Chrome browser! I had to click…



So now I can have the same bookmarks on any computer I use (as long as I’m using Chrome) – and guess where they’re saved – you got it – inside Google Docs. Why is this important? More and more of your information is heading into ‘the cloud’ – or at least onto the big G’s servers.



Chrome OS (which I downloaded last night and will be trying out later today) fully integrates with the internet through Gmail and Docs to save all of your data – so why not get your bookmark info in there now?


Ps, I will be trying to do a ‘how-to’ guide about installing Google Chrome extensions in the next few days, but until then you can look here for a guide → Chrome extensions

Ps, 之后的几天我会试着写一个‘如果安装Google浏览器插件’可是现在你就先看看这个吧 → Chrome extensions


  1. Wow,great for u! I use Firefox to do that,with the extension named ‘xmarks’.But since their servers were forbidden to visit, I have to apply a free ftp server myself.The wire speed is always unstable.:P
    But I’m very interested in ‘Chrome OS’,o(∩_∩)o

  2. Chrome OS我是很期待,不过在VMware安装以后觉得速度很慢,而且不能运行独立程序。

  3. 你的网站不错,可以交换个链接么?我的网址是
    I will make it first,thank you!

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