So I made a snap decision and bought a Blackberry. It wasn’t the stereotypical snap decision (because it took me three weeks from the time it was made to receiving the goods) but all the same, it was a good choice.


I’m not going to tell you how much I love it or how amazing it is, because right now I’m using about 4% of its capacity (no push mail, no internet*, twitter slow, barely any apps). That said, I am taking advantage of its camera to document the LITTLE THINGS in my life which I have been neglecting recently.

我没打算跟你说我有多喜欢它,它有多帮,因为现在我只用了4%的用途(没有push mail,没有网络,twitter很慢,很少其他用途)。 这就意味着我要用它的摄像来存档一些我生活中最近被忽略了的小事情。

Look here for example:



I dropped my pen behind a cupboard at work, and so I decided to investigate behind it. Voila! 30 more pens.

我上班的时候在 柜子后面掉了笔,然后我就决定找它。看!30多支笔!


I went to Ikea and saw this. Is it a joke? I know Swedish people are pretty funny – but…a corkscrew called ‘Groggy’?! It sounds like a Disney cartoon character!



Booyaka! I did it on purpose (of course)…


I will be sure to paste any more meaningful moments in my life right here in the blog!



  1. 我抢到了沙发。。

  2. 用一个黑莓来拍摄小东西。

  3. Oil的保龄球打得真不错~

  4. I’ve got a blackberry, it’s crap apart from the push email, are you mad?

  5. 哇,你也买了8900,以后不懂的问我就是了 @terryxxy 你应该还记得

  6. After iphone come into China, I believe google phone won’t be late soon ,so…:) hey no offence,but Blackberry is ugly!

  7. hey man,this my first time here,and i’ve seen a lot of your articles,it make me laugh,also make me forget my snap.
    i used to write blog when im in college,but since i worked,i give it up
    after reading yours,i think maybe someday i will write again,to record the small funny thins in my life.
    anyway,i decide to put your blog into my favorite

    your chinese is excellent!

  8. Finally something that makes SENSE! >:-D

  9. Just pass by…Interesting findings and good Chinese~
    While, pls allow me to correct a tiny thing, the Chinese translation of Swedish should be 瑞典. Swiss is for 瑞士. :)

  10. 友情链接做好了~
    Link ~OK了~

  11. I bought a Blackberry,too!But just a gift to my BF!

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  13. chinesefriend says:

    “I dropped my pen behind a cupboard at work”
    ^_^,I think the better translation is “我上班的时候把笔掉在了柜子后面”

  14. 哎~穷人用用8700就不错 了~

  15. 现在中国也有黑莓的PUSH MAIL了。不过我还没机会用上。

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