I didn’t realise until recently (my history knowledge is a little poor) that China and Japan are not exactly the best of friends. I’m not going into the details, but suffice to say there are long held prejudices that seem to be holding the two countries back from becoming the best of friends (any time soon at least).


Japanese culture, however, is thriving in Shanghai. There are lots of little shops and boutiques with imported stuff, and watching anime is a favourite pastime of a high percentage of teenagers and early 20 year olds (basically anyone without a job who has the time to watch 500 episodes of One Piece).


I went to the local Japanese import food shop the other day and was amazed with the selection – but had to double-take when I noticed McVITIE’S BISCUITS sitting there! I could hardly contain my excitement at the prospect of some chocolate Hobnobs to dunk into my coffee…but these ones had a special ingredient.

一天我去了上海的一个日本进口食品商店,那里的东西多得吓死我 – 但在我看到 McVITIE’S饼干的时候,我觉得不得不三思而行!对于巧克力饼干的美味,我产生了一种难以抑制的兴奋以及憧憬…想象着把消化饼蘸着我的咖啡吃……可是,这些饼干有一个特殊的成分…一个很奇怪的成分…

Can you guess what it was? (Guess first, then click to see):


Chocolate and what now?

You dirty Japs! What have you done to our biscuits?!



  1. Could have been bacon too! Americans wanted to convince that chcocolate + bacon was the most delicious invention ever. :D

    Did you try it? :D

  2. “Salt & Chocolate”? That’s nothing, mate!

    Wait till you try “Chocolate Chicken”! Ha ha…

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  4. u mean Strategic Arms Limitation Talks?

  5. guess, salt iodized or not?

  6. China and Japan are not exactly the best of friends


  7. Well, as far as I know, the friendship between China and Japan degraded a lot from the 1990s.
    Take a look at newspapers of the 1980s, you will feel a totally different atmosphere:)

  8. 小日本的东西,很贵啊。

  9. I have to admit that each time it makes me uncomfortable when western people compare Chinese with Japs. Chinese and Japs are totally different.

  10. 相当诡异…so weird…

  11. I’ve heard that cooking some dessert still needs a little salt to make it more tasty. Perhaps it’s just the chemical reaction of salt & sugar.

  12. Salt mix chocolate..|o|
    maybe a new taste, haha..

  13. It makes me uncomfortable when Chinese people compare English people to Americans. Americans are totally 硬盘!
    hahahahahaha~Oli~you are very good at SH dialect~I 服了 U

  14. I make fun of them. But then they do a Texas accent and, well, I get put in my place.

  15. Oh dear sweet jeebus! You can’t do that to chocolate!!! :/

  16. Salt!
    Japanese also use salt when eat watermelon…..

  17. Our last British teacher just left at PSQ, but I gave him shit all the time. I constantly reinforce the “American way” of saying things to our students. In truth, I have a hard time calling anything but a soft, warm, fluffy dinner complement a biscuit, so I’ll use that as my rationale without going into further detail.

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