I haven’t posted in a couple of days because I’ve been busy trying to photoshop Santa’s stomach down to a size smaller than a hippopotamus. It’s tough though…


What you looking at?!

Dirty elf

Santa's little helper

Helping the kids

Broken guitar

Weird leg twist

Bad Santa


  1. Ha ha ha… Put that away!

    Better be Laughing Buddha next time.
    Don’t forget to wax… A ha ha ha…

    Happy New Year, mate!

  2. Happy New Year Santa! Hope it’s warmer there than in the UK. Have a great 2010. Will this decade be the teenies?

  3. Hi,Oli! Nice to see your blog first time,i’m a Chinese student who love English so much !
    All your post are good-translated between English and Chinese ,it’s a better palace for me to read and vedana … ps:I have a new simple blog about shareing music,may i have your link and let’s to be a neighbor ?I’ll appreciated it if you agree this !thanks for your attention !~(I have already added your blog link in mine ~ 网站:掰咔音乐小站;web site:http://greenivi.com)

  4. so cute~happy new year~

  5. 貌似艳富不浅额~

  6. Hey fellow, if u gave me the pictures …I can make them quiet nicer than u ever thought!~

  7. sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
    You look great in the pics!!
    Where is my xmas gift+new year’s gift+next year’s bday gift+vday gift…etc….etc….

  8. Is the skiniest Santa i have ever seen. It looked like fun.

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