It’s a New Year (and a new decade) and I hope to be able to blog much more this year! Yeah! I know you’re excited too! Ok screw you…


Anyway, here’s an amazing video that I found over on Funny In China (although I’m pretty sure it’s not Chinese) – a video made by a special effects company, highlighting its work. I can’t stop watching it!

不管怎样,我这里有个很棒的视频,是我在Funny In China上发现的(虽然我确定那个不是在中国)-一个特效公司做的视频宣传他们的杰作。我喜欢死了!

For more funny pictures and videos from Chinese social networks, take a look at! It’s the future!

更多有趣的图片和视频来自中国互动社区网站上的,请看! 他是我们的将来!


  1. nice video ,sweet music !The special effects they made are wonderful ,especilly the girl standed in the peak of the cliff ,it’s like a real thing ,pratically .

  2. 大山级别的人物?
    Dashan level character?

  3. 美国演员真轻松呀 所有工作都是在摄影棚里完成 连太阳都不用晒

  4. 这些美剧的特效都是这一个公司做的? 那岂不是赚翻了

  5. 先祝你新年快乐

  6. 呃。。。太可怕啦!!!

  7. 囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧rz

  8. 人才!!!! NND

  9. Kung Hei Fat Choy,bring me the lee sees

  10. it’s really nice video,i like it very much.i would like to day that impossible is nothing

  11. 英文不行。。我还是用中文吧,你的站做的非常的有新意,非常漂亮和吸引人眼球。想和你的站做链接,包括这个和趣味中国。
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