Look at this picture.


What do you see in this picture?

I was coming home from work last night when I suddenly opened the window and stuck my phone out and snapped a picture. Can you guess what had caught my eye? What was it that was so important that I braved the freezing night air to capture?

昨晚在我回家路上,当我突然开窗,突然拿出手机,突然拍下了一张照片的时候。你才我看到了什么? 是什么那么重要,以至于在那么冷的天气,尤其是晚上,我要开窗拍照?

Have another look!


When you’re ready to know the answer, have a look at the Photoshop enhanced version (below)!

如果你准备好揭开谜底了,那么看以下 PS以后加强版效果(下面)!










Now THAT is a personalised number plate :)

现在这成了一个个性化的车牌了 :)


  1. 路过贵博客,留个脚印。
    BTW: 文章中第一张照片下的那段中文里,应该是“猜”而不是“才”,有点笔误吧?呵呵

  2. Oli,你真坏! 害羞地逃走~~

  3. ridiculous license ·

  4. the personalized plate of a mature grounded adult – no doubt

  5. WTF?!

    A 10-inch long pen15?!
    Are you sure you’re not in Africa?! Really in Asia?
    Ha ha ha…

  6. Lol. Well, this shud b censored. Not everybody roaming the streets is an adult afterall……. lol again /

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