I went to see Avatar at the cinema on Friday night! I think that it is the first movie that has been totally hyped beyond recognition, then when I went to see it finally surpassed all of my expectations!


It seems like James Cameron really has the magic touch when it comes to movies and the box office – I can’t believe that people have said that Avatar is going to take $1 billion dollars before it’s done. Just send me 1% of that. Or 0.1%. Or 0.01%. I’ll be happy. Thanks!

看来James Cameron涉及到电影和票房的时候,确实很有魔力 – 我很难相信人们说的阿凡达创下了10亿美元票房。只要给我它的1%。或0.1%。或0.01%。我就会开心死了。谢谢!

avatar quotes

Avatar quotes

Avatar is a really long movie but when it finished it felt like I’d just sat down – I think that’s a positive thing. One non-positive thing is that I drank three beers during it and so I was really REALLY bursting for a piss when it finished. This might have led to me forgetting what happened during the last thirty minutes of the movie because of the rush of blood to my head. That’s a good reason to watch it again though!

阿凡达是一个很长的电影,但是它结束的时候会感觉就像刚坐下来的一样 – 我认为这是好的一面。不太好的是,看的时候我喝了3罐啤酒,所以我真的憋死了。这可能导致我忘了电影最后30分钟放了些什么,因为血液都冲到脑子里去了。这也是一个很好的,再看一次的理由!

Avatar quotes


Anyway, I thought that the special effects were amazing, the story was great and the acting was brilliant – and if you’ve seen it too then check out Avatar quotes for a catch-up on some of the best lines – there were a lot!

不管怎样,我觉得那些特效都太棒了,不错的情节,精湛的演出 – 如果你也已经看过了,那么快追看一些里面的经典对白吧 – 有很多!

I see you!


  1. Haven´t watched avatar yet, i will try to do it this weekend to finally discover what is the whole world talking about.

    Yesterday i was watching your web tv series, jajaja, nice job, it kept me entertained for a long time :D

    I´m moving to Shanghai next february!!! you blog really gets me more excited about living there.

    • Thanks! I’m really happy to hear that you enjoy it – and I’m sure that you will love living in Shanghai. I looked at some of the photos on your site too – really great stuff. I also love Natalie Portman :)

  2. I am an English learner,Can you sent the AVATAR quotes?

  3. Hi,I haven’t watched that AVATAR.I heared it is so great. I downloaded it last week,but it will be great if i watch it in the cinema.i’m gonna find some frieds to company me and watch that

  4. maybe its a little bit long for me… 167 mins….:P
    I dislike the part of gun fighting…and that part maybe could be shorter if possible…
    but the 3D is totally amazing !!

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