Reports on Kaixin001 (The Chinese equivalent of Facebook) suggest that Baidu (The Chinese equivalent of Google) was hacked early this morning by Iranian cyber terrorists! This might be a hoax, but I think if it was then….they would have made a better PS picture!


Baidu hacked (pics)


Check out these screencaps of the Baidu hack!


baidu hacked

baidu hacked 2

The message left by the Iranian Cyber Army (and translated into Chinese above) mentions Israel, websites spreading false information and outsiders interfering in Iranian domestic and foreign policy.


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  2. yeah, i saw it this morning.
    i found out that Google feedproxy have sth wrong in China. So i reSubscribe your blog. |o|

  3. It’s my first time to feel helplessness when I ran into some difficult technique points during working which was really happened to me this morning. What did I do? I was not that stupid to open baidu’s homepage i knew there was sth wrong with them, actually I got on google for some help but the answers below all comes from **baidu**……

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