It almost seems inevitable at this point – Google will be pulling out of China. It is unclear about what exactly will still be available to the millions of people who use Google’s services every day here, but staff at were rumoured to have spent yesterday watching Avatar and eating a farewell meal, before either joining the US office or finding new employment.

看来这已经成了不可避免的事实 – 谷歌将撤出中国了。目前还不清楚究竟在这里的数百万每天使用谷歌的人还能使用什么谷歌的服务,但Google.cn的员工有传言说,昨天在他们决定要么加入美国办事处或找新的工作之前,他们去看了阿凡达,吃了散伙饭了。

It’s true that Google wasn’t making huge amounts of money in China, and it’s true that they were not the number one search engine – but let’s be realistic: 2nd place in a market of a billion people is still pretty damn good. They will be missed by a lot of people…and yesterday mourners gathered to pay their respects at Google’s offices.

的确,谷歌在中国没怎么赚钱,也确实,他们不是头号搜索引擎 – 但是让我们面对现实:在一个10亿人口的市场第二名仍然相当好了。它仍然将被很多人怀念…昨天在谷歌中国办事处门口有很多人来表示哀悼了。

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It’s not goodbye – just au revoir!



  1. The HQ’s main function is co-operating with Chinese gov. So it is good to see it is closed.

    This is a redemption. Applause, no mourn…

  2. Even someone sent flowers from HZ…

  3. let’s have a look how GOV will deal with this..

  4. 这里没被墙就留个言吧。真是杯具!

  5. Good Luck Google.

    Wait for you back.

  6. guangchaobest says:

    if china can last for 100 years .I’LL choose to live in europe or america and never back to china

  7. 哇 都是English啊?

  8. It is not Google not leavs China but China leaves the World.

    Google is great. It should server as model for all companies which want to server people well.

  9. Google does not leave China but China leaves the World.

    Google is great. It should server as model for all companies which want to server people well.

    • 俗话说的好,群众的眼光是雪亮的,

      还有,China 没有leaves 世界。你不觉得你这样说很欠缺考虑吗。
      你那么喜欢Google 。你可以为了Google放弃国家啊。不过前提是你有这个本事。

  10. Then, now, and in the future.
    Alwayz use or to visit vanilla Google. Or just Google on some other page… R.I.P., you are just a freak that don’t even meant to exist.

    Google is not gone. Just Ascensioned and remains a don’t do evil web corp.

  11. ya ….
    I really think Baidu is better than Google for most Chinese…
    So I don’t think Google’s leaving will change our life at all..

  12. i’m a google big fan too…and i have a question ,why u r so interested in china? just for fun?

  13. 靠,弄了半天只是市场部门人员撒个娇?

  14. June, 说话欠缺考虑的应该是你吧。

    • OK 你说我欠缺考虑是吧。

  15. who’s the dork who turned up with a single rose? I bet he felt a right twat when saw the size of some of the other bunches.

  16. 现在又活过来了。

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