Although I have not been able to get any official comment from the Chinese police, after looking at this photographic evidence collected after a seconds-long investigation, there can be no doubt that new recruits in the Chinese police force are humiliated and hazed, to break down their spirit before training.


How else could you explain being forced to ride this bike around town?



The golden rule of life: If a bicycle has a foot-stand, you can not catch criminals with it.



  1. Why can’t police catch criminals with a bicycle has foot-stand? I didn’t get it~~ –!

  2. 可能是勤务车,为什么警察局里面所有的警察都要抓小偷?有些可能不必上街追着人跑也能抓。

  3. 这种车子我都没见过,囧

  4. Damn you, I took a photo of a couple of these bikes at the weekend and was going to blog about them, how did you know?

  5. 你这是什么逻辑啊。?

  6. 其中最深层次用途可能我们仍然没有了解。比如可以减少马路上大交通工具的出现,又或者只是起到一个安抚民众,吓唬坏人的作用……总之政府的想法我们有些时候是琢琢磨不到的。

  7. As far as i konw,not only the Chinese police force disgrace new commers,but also the Chinese Army.

  8. wow,a little sarcastic,yeah,a lot of people even including me want to be a policeman,b/c it’s not so dangerous as what the stereotype is,while it’s comfortable,absolutely stable—(most of their time)sitting in the office,drinking a cup of tea ,chatting and get well paid from the government,so “laidback”

  9. Hilarious! It’s not even a big bike! It’s a kid’s bike!

  10. 这是普通民警用的自行车,交警用的是这个

  11. I am late. The following should keep rank.

  12. 这个应该是协警,非警察编制的“部队”。在中国所谓的“联防队”。

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