There’s something about the men in Shanghai that I think is a little strange….



….but I just can’t figure out what it is…



  1. It seems like a men’s lavatory…

  2. OMG, Oli could pee with one hand, while shooting with another…

  3. maybe it is his girlfriend’s bag

  4. wow, didn´t know that the chinese man had such an interesting sense of fashion! hahaha I bet he is wearing a golden t-shirt to match his purse :P

  5. Shanghai men are considerate~

  6. maybe the bag is his wife’s

  7. obviously,the handbag is his grandma’s.
    Happy Chinese New Year, still in Shanghai? Enjoy a wonderful holiday!

  8. The pic is so funny.hhaa…
    It’s dangerous to share one toilet with you.

  9. 跟媳妇逛街,两人都要入厕,所以媳妇的包就给男人了。

  10. Ha ha ha… Are you sure that’s not a lass holding a funnel?!
    You crack me up, mate! Ha ha!

  11. hehe
    a bit strange, but it should be private things….:)

  12. You see!… I keep telling my wife it’s not a good idea for me to carry her purse around! lol

  13. wow…the pic gives me a reason to suspect…are you the(Shanghai) man’s agent? ha ha

  14. sweet guy.. carrying baobao for gf
    that’s a sign of true love

  15. This is brilliant. lol

  16. 上海男人喜欢及习惯做女人后面的男人。

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