This year’s been pretty amazing – so much has happened in work, life, love…


I hope everyone has a great year (or if you already celebrated some other New Year at some point in the last 45 days…keep having a good year!)!


Oliver Denton

Oliver Denton 14/2/2010

I just tweeted my status, but I might as well repeat it: I’m sitting alone in my living room, blogging, eating sunflower seeds, drinking gin+coke, watching Die Hard 4. It’s a GREAT start to the year!

我刚刚tweet了我的新状态,可是我还想在这里重复一下:我一个人坐在客厅,写博客,吃香瓜子,喝杜松子酒+可乐,看 虎胆龙威4.是一年的好的开始!


  1. 春节快乐gua zi dan!

  2. Happy Lucky Tiger Year!!! I miss that flavored sunflower seeds!

  3. errrrr, meanwhile, you can also have foot massage and have your hair permed in your haunted living room…happy new year.

  4. 你心态不错。

  5. Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!

  6. 很舒服的生活呵

  7. Happy new year!给你拜年咯!I wish you have tiger lucky!hehe

  8. Xin Nian Hao buddy! Best wishes from Liuzhou.

  9. 一个人的生活也过得有滋有味啊!给你拜个晚年~

  10. 新年快乐!拜个晚年!
    Happy Chinese New Year! Best wishes to you!

  11. Ha ha ha… Stop whinging, mate!
    Life’s great in Shanghai!?


    PS: Typo! 行*!Ha ha…

  12. 如果没有看错的话上图就是作者近照了吧。

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