I can’t believe it’s been so long since I wrote here – so many people have called me ‘lazy’…and it’s sort of true! My head’s been under the radar, but I have been:


– Recovering after going to my friend’s wedding in Hong Kong (Congratulations Fiona and Tom!)…
– 已经从我香港朋友的婚礼中恢复过来了(恭喜Fiona和Tom!)…
– Working on so many different websites that my brain is spinning….
– 制作很多不同的网站…
– Eating sunflower seeds…
– 吃香瓜子…
– Watching the NBA on International League Pass…
– 看NBA…
– And of course…playing with Google Buzz!
– 当然还有…玩GBuzz!

…oh yeah, and working 10.30am → 9.30pm.

Anyway, I promise that now it’s the YEAR OF THE TIGER, I will try to be more organized. What is your New Year’s promise? And what the hell is a GAROUPA?

无论如何,现在起我保证在虎年里,有组织纪律一点。你新年的保证是什么? 还有GAROUPA到底是什么东东?


  1. GAROUPA is some kind of fish, in fact i think the name is Grouper.
    btw this fish is very suited to steam.
    you can see the Wikipedia

  2. 博主中文不错啊。

  3. 不知道这上面是些什么样的菜,现在菜单取名字太印象派了

  4. not all Chinese can be translated into English…

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