Looks good!

You may think that this looks like a perfectly normal BBQ restaurant bathroom, but danger lurks around every corner…



How am I meant to relax enough to pee now I have THIS terrible natural disaster on my mind?!



  1. This is to encourage you to finish up quickly and get out.

  2. 中国人口大国每个人来的都不容易,特别是现在计划生育控制的非常严,呵呵…

  3. 你的中文不错。。。

  4. 这个…我也困惑好久,虽然是好意,可是心里还是不免紧张.

  5. It’s fun to find one. It’s miseries to read many and read them everyday

  6. LOL! If there’s no picture on the sign, just imagine what users will think of the “landslide”.

  7. Sedalbenin says:

    Lol that’s supposed to be a wet floor sign or something so lololol

  8. 哈哈哈,原來是你太認真了

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